MatchPickle is a Free IOS app on the App Store. The matchPickle App allows players or spectators to know the score of a pickleball match with a scoreboard on the court. The scoreboard (iphone or ipad) is controlled by a matchPickle bluetooth clicker or iWatch (iphone only)(see matchPickle Store) or by clicking on the screen in the hand camera function. In all cases, the MatchPickle App is simultaneously videoing the match. Each point or “video clip” can be highlighted and filtered after the match. The finished video displays a scoreboard overlay including a logo of the event (tournaments, corporate events, fundraisers, pickleball clubs), names of players, score and title. The video can be uploaded to social media or shared with players directly within the matchPickle network cloud.

We love the game of pickleball and we want to allow players to capture all the fun they are having on the pickleball court!

We hope you love what we are doing and join us!

If you have thoughts, ideas or comments please reach us by email.


Thank you,

matchPickle crew.